About Hand in Hand Therapy Center

Thank you for your interest in Hand in Hand Therapy Center. We are a group of professional educators and clinicians who are dedicated to providing efficient and effective educational services for all children/adults. While working in the field of special needs for ten years, in and out of many treatment clinics , learning the different therapy styles and seeing long wait lists for families to receive IBI/ABA treatment for their loved ones, Angela Villella felt the need to open the doors to Hand in Hand Therapy Centre. Our open door policy, allowing parents to take part and watch their loved ones grow day by day, gives parents the opportunity to learn and continue their own therapy at home. In the last four years we have focused on using our educational and clinical expertise to teach children with a variety of learning styles in their homes, schools, communities, and at our center. At Hand in Hand Therapy Centre, we have adopted a Fluency-Based instructional format that refers to an integrated model based on Precision Teaching that (which) is founded on the principle that the learner knows best. If the learner is progressing, the program is right; if the learner is not progressing, an immediate instructional change or intervention is required. This model allows the learners performance to directly guide ongoing programming decisions. The goal of this model is to ensure that learners reach a level of performance that is highly accurate as well as fast-paced, in order to achieve fluent behavior or true mastery. Well-researched outcomes associated with fluent performance include: Stability (the ability to perform the skill despite distractions), Application (the transfer of learning from one skill to the next) , Endurance (the ability to perform the skill for as long as necessary) and finally the Retention of skills.