Our Philosophy

Our goal is to hire the best, so that we can provide the best to our clients. At Hand in Hand Therapy Centre we are always seeking qualified, motivated and entusiastic staff who are committed in delivering the highest level of service across all levels.
We are committed to providing leadership and direction to our employees through the development and support of policies and procedures that contribute to an individuals personal and professional growth. In order to fulfill our mission, we strive to foster an environment which supports and retains qualified employees, respect for individuality and recognizing that this type of atmosphere contributes to overall co-operation and teamwork. We support this philosophy by ensuring:

- Decisions regarding employment and related choices are determined by ability and performance. Factors such as age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, race, color or handicap are not considered in these decisions.
- The work environment and culture is free of harassment and discrimination. Inappropriate conduct expressed by any employee or affiliate of our company to another employee, client or any other party will not be tolerated.
- We are committed to developing and retaining our staff and recognizes that our human resources are the most important asset. Thus, staff development will include appropriate training, professional development, career pathing, promotion or transfer, and other opportunities for growth in accordance with staff ability and management need.
- The efforts and achievements of individuals and groups will be recognized and valued. Employee recognition should go beyond salary compensation and should occur more frequently than the annual salary cycle based on performance.